Renewal of registration is mandatory, otherwise as per selection 19(1) (b) of PEC Act 1976, the Registration shall remove the name of any Professional Engineer, who has failed to his / her certificate of registration renewed, with one year of the date of its expiry. Consequently, such persons will not be eligible to undertake/ execute professional engineering works, and may be subjected to penalties under section 27(1) of the PEC Act 1970

A professional Engineer may obtained renewal of his/ her registration with PEC in the following ways:

  • Any Pakistani National Registratered with PEC on Annual Subscription basic may obtain renewal of registration annually by paying the prescribed fee

Note: A PE who has attained the age of 60 years and is not earning by any means is exempted from the payment of annual renewal fee the rest of his /her life.


  • A PE having subscribe for life may obtained of his/her registration card after its expire.(no fee required in the case )
  • Foreign Nationals are required to renew the Temporary License to them annually by paying the prescribed fee.

Procedure OF Renewal:

Renewal is not an automatic activity. One has to apply for it on the request form (PEC form 5A/5B) available online in www.pecinformation  & form PEC offices), when required, and send it to PEC Headquarter at Islamabad or it any of the PEC branch / liaison Offices, along with the prescribed fees (which is specified in the form).