The regulate the engineering profession & education in the country it is made necessary for all engineering graduates of recognized engineering institutes in Pakistan to obtained PEC registration.

So registration as professional engineer becomes mandatory rather than optional for genine engineering graduates. Still, follow is brief idea of why such registration is made essential.

In order to get nationally and internationally recognized as a bona fide engineer and to get one’s engineering qualification internationally accepted without doubts, it mandatory to obtained registration with Pakistan Engineering Council. The council is official body having sole right of providing such authentication in the country. such registration also provide one with brighter employment opportunities & services structure as such right of professional Engineers are support by the PEC Act & bye laws & the PEC committees strive for the betterment of such matters.

According to selection 27 of the Act it is mandatory for a person who undertakes any professional engineering work to get himself registered with the council.

It is also binding on all employees to employ only those person for undertaking professional engineering work whose names are borne on the registration of the council. Violation of selection 27 of the act attracts penalties.