To obtain registration with PEC as a Registered Engineer (RE) or Professional Engineer (PE) one must meet the registration criteria. For registration, please obtained the prescribed PEC form – IB (from PEC HQ or any of our branch / liaison offices). After Filling up & attaching all the required documents as per instruction given at page 4 of the form, it can be submitted at any of the PEC offices along with the following prescribed fee or it can be posted along with bank Draft or challah of required amount in the favor of PEC. ( in case of individual is posting the above form ,he/she has to get the photocopy of Eng. Qualification document verified from the nearest branch/ laison office of PEC).

To registration fee structure is as follows:

Under the provisions of PEC amendment Ordinary NO .x of 2005, engineers are to be registered under the two categories, i.e. “Registered Engineers” and “Professional Engineers”

Last updated 5-nov-2014

Registered Engineer Registration Fee RS 250/-one time *
  Renewal Fee @ RS.150/-year RS 450/ -for 5 year
    Total: RS 700/-
Professional Engineer Registration Fee Rs.500/-one time
Renewal fee (life subscription) RS.5000/-


Registratered Engineer (1) Registration Fee (2) Renewal fee @ PRs .150/- year PRs. 250/- one time *RS 450/- (for 3 year ) Total : 700/-

Professional Engineer (1) Registration fee (2) Renewal fee (life subscription) Rs.500/- one time *Arrears are charged (@RS.150 per year) if 1 or more years have elapsed between the date of graduation & the date of registration.

On receiving a duly filled PEC – 1 from , the date provide by the applicant on the form is verified by the PEC own Source of information & if no discrepancies are found it is forwarded form the PE Registration department to the Enrollment Committee for approval .

One approval by the Enrolment Committee the application Engineer’s date is entered in the PEC records and he/ she is subsequently issued a Registration Certificate. The Registration Certificate is issued only once and should be permanently retained the engineer in safe custody.

A renewal card is also issued along with the PE Registration Certificate ,Which is valid for 3 years if an individual has paid lifetime subscription .After the Expiry of this card .one has to necessarily renew his/her registration to obtained a valid renewal card by the following the Renewal Procedure.

A Foreign National is required to obtain Temporary License PEC before embarking upon a project in Pakistan. Such license is issued for 1 year only at a charge of PRs 1000 and has to be renewed on manual basic at the same charge rate. The same PEC -1 form is to be used for application.

In order to get detailed information about rules/regulations, procedure & Fee structure regarding professional Engineers Registration, see the revenant PEC Byelaws clauses (xii, xiii, xiv) online.