In the case one requires obtained a duplicate renewal/member card or Registration Certificate due to loss damage of original one he/she has to apply the registration on the PEC FORM – 5A or PEC FORM -5B (available online & forms PEC offices).

For obtaining Duplicate Registration certificate in case of loss of original one. One has to file an FIR of the loss of original Certificate, given an advertisement in newspaper reporting its loss and sign an affidavit. This affidavit, the newspaper, cutting & copy of said FIR has to submit with the form .processing fee of PRs 100/- is charged for each duplicate copy of registration certificate. The duplicate Registration certificate is issued duly stamped on the top with the world “Duplicate “.

For obtained Duplicate Renewal card one simply to apply for it on the PEC form 5A or PEC form 5B attaching a copy of registration Certificate .

Note: if such duplicate are being obtained for the reason of damage to the original card/ certificate ten the damaged document also has to submit along with the Application Form